Do You Struggle?

Do you struggle with not feeling good enough, getting in your own way and not allowing your best self to shine?

Many women spend their entire professional lives paralyzed by doubt and fear. Afraid of the possibility of failure and criticism, they shy away in situations when they should speak up and stand out. They see glimpses of their true potential in moments of brief success, but those moments of excitement and possibility quickly fade as fear and self-doubt creep back in.

What stands between many women and the life they deserve is the ability to negotiate life’s challenges from a core of strength and confidence.

This lack of confidence results in procrastination, low energy, little passion and scattered focus. Life becomes a series of ordeals to manage. Instead of moving forward, you feel like you are just getting by. You’re unable to experience one’s life fully. Or as Joan Chittister says, come to the fullness of one’s self.

Thankfully, confidence changes things. With confidence, you can value yourself, focus on your strengths and achieve your life’s purpose.  But confidence does not come easy: you need support, tools and a strategy. (My prescription is the support of other women).

Can you imagine a world where, for many women, fear (false evidence appearing real) and failure (feedback) were not to be frightened of? Where women felt rock solid in the way they show up? Where women’s voices would be heard; where they would take ownership for their accomplishments and present their ideas with authority and persuasiveness? Where they feel confident and comfortable in their own skin and abilities? Imagine women feeling consistently grounded, happier and having a better-balanced life.

Can you imagine what all our lives and the world would be like as completely confident women?


I can.

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