Ready, Set, Grow! 10 Success Strategies for Winning in the Workplace


In her book Veronica Holcomb provides a detailed blueprint anyone can follow to thrive in the non-profit, for-profit, educational or religious organizations.  Ready, Set, Grow! guides readers through ten areas of self-discovery and skill building.


Coaching for Confidence Video Tips

What Will You Regret?

A lack of confidence can keep you from stepping out and living your best life. Maybe you don’t take that […]

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Dealing with Worry

85% of what we worry about…never happens. So how can you stop worrying? Watch to find out.

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Self Care for Confidence

Taking care of yourself is an important ingredient for confidence. Sometimes, taking care of yourself might seem like an indulgence. […]

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Baby Steps - A Key to Confidence

The phrase “baby steps” is an analogy for slow, steady progress. But our response as adults to actual baby steps […]

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Boost Your Year End Confidence

The new year will be here before you know it. The year-end holidays and events have a way of making […]

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Reflection Planner

The Areas of Focus Plan is a great resource we share with our clients. This download includes several focus topics and related reflection questions.