Self-Study Programs

Interested in greater personal and professional success?

Now, you can strengthen your leadership, confidence and impact with our powerful, highly engaging online boot camp and self-study programs.

Join our Leadership Boutique and take advantage of a wide range of self-study and online training programs that maximize personal and professional growth.

These programs allow access to training as stand-alone, self-paced programs that run asynchronously.

Online facilities include multiple channels of communication (discussion groups, messaging, helpdesk, chat).

Our state-of-the-art Learning Management System offers a range of web-based self-study and assessment tools that maximize leadership development for emerging and veteran leaders.

Our format allows access to training as a stand-alone, self-paced program in combination with the classroom, or it runs synchronously or asynchronously with an instructor.

A web-based administrative tool allows many options for tracking and reporting participants usage and test results.

Online facilities include multiple channels of communication (discussion groups, message boards, help desk, chat, and e-coaching).


We highly recommend several programs for building the “inner game” and leadership competencies:


  • Focus on Authenticity: Seeing and Living More of Who You Really Are
  • The Genius Within: Calling on Your Natural Talent to Make Life More Fulfilling
  • Visioning and Goal Setting: Projecting Your Tomorrow and Heading for It Today
  • Transitions and Transformation: Thriving in the Midst of Change
  • Time Challenges
  • Lighting Your Fire: Sparking Your Inner Motivation to Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life


  • Finding Balance
  • Overcoming Procrastination: The Art of Getting Things Done Now!
  • Ensuring Life Harmony
  • Rhythm & Blues of Empathy: Resonating With the Feeling of Others to Build Rapport
  • Confident You: Leap Outside Your Comfort Zone and Achieve What You Want
  • Courage, Risks and Rewards: Taking Chances to Change Your Life!
  • Rebel Within: Beating Self Sabotage and Reaching Your Potential
  • The Fertile Mind: Change Your Thoughts to Reap a Better life
  • Emotional Smarts: Using Emotional Intelligence to Create a Richer, More Joyous Life
  • From the Inside out: Effective Ways to Manage Stress
  • A Leader’s Journey: Discovering Your Leadership Impact